Fees and Payment

Initial appointments are 90 minutes long and the fee is $270 inclusive of gst.

Ongoing therapy appointments are 55 minutes long and the fee is $200 inclusive of gst. Payment in full is due at the time of the consultation, payable by standard eftpos card, credit cards and credit-branded debit cards (e.g. Visa/Mastercard Debit) or cash.

Should an account remain unpaid after an appointment, future appointments will be postponed until payment is received.

In the event of debt collection services being required, the costs of these services will be added to the amount owed.


Appointments that are cancelled or rescheduled for any reason without 24 hours notice (aside from emergencies) may be charged the full fee. This is because there is insufficient time to offer the appointment to another client who may be on a waitlist.  The time you don’t use can be offered to someone else who needs it.

Failure to attend a booked appointment without any notification will incur the full fee, which will need to be paid prior to the future appointments being made.

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