Coaching translates the ‘what’ and the ‘why’ into the ‘how’ – into actions.

How can you perform at your optimum? How can you manage how you are perceived? How do you best develop others? How do you have difficult conversations? How do you notice and deal with your own self-defeating thoughts and behaviours? How do you build courage and confidence and think BIG? How do you win at work and at home?

Coaching psychology is a process for enhancing well-being and performance in personal life and work domains underpinned by models of coaching grounded in established learning and psychological theories.

It is a form of leadership development that takes place through a series of contracted one-to-one conversations, tailored to your goals, using a structured coaching model to maximise focus and successful, relevant, actionable, and timely outcomes.

Kirsty partners with you so that you can add ‘range’ and flexibility to your skillset, experiment with and find solutions, adaptably choose and apply what works best in any given situation, and make the changes that matter to you.

Why choose a Clinical and Coaching Psychologist

Clinical psychologists are doctorate-level trained scientist-practitioners who understand the complex factors that underpin human behaviour and the contexts that we operate in. Only approximately 10% of applicants gain admission to clinical psychology training programmes and those accepted complete a further four years of intensive study, research, and practical training. They are registered professionals and are bound by their professional Code of Ethics and continued professional development.

Key theoretical underpinnings set Clinical Psychologists apart from non-psychologist consultants or coaches, including….

  • The neuroscience of emotion, resilience and high performance
  • Contextual behavioural science
  • Positive psychology
  • Systems theory
  • Models of power
  • Human development
  • Social connectedness
  • The application of psychological models such as Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) or Motivational Interviewing

What people have said about Kirsty….

“This was my first experience with a professional coach and will not be my last. I’m left with an impression of having really sharpened the tools that I was already using to make things happen in my life and career. I’ve definitely had the chance to add a few new tools to the kit as well. Thank you to Kirsty and Mind Coach!” (Kirsty’s an associate coach for Mind Coach too!)

“I really want to again thank you as without your support I would not have found the strength to stand my ground with (seniors and contract partners)”

“I’m now in a great role as service development manager at X. Valued, respected, trusted, managed by one incredible woman and our CEO. Having a great working life and involved in and leading lots of cool pieces of cross agency and strategic work.”

“My team and I really appreciate your ability to get us to focus on what we knew and to see beyond was blurring or confusing our decision making.” (Team Coaching)

“I left coaching actively determined to work with more courage… I am being more bold, saying more, reacting more strongly (rather than just politely) in those discussions. I don’t worry about being wrong in the leadership meetings…. While at times I feel the heat of speaking up, I feel like I am adding more value – having more of the impact of the role.  I get great satisfaction from that, while knowing that the journey continues.”

“For me, it was very helpful that you understood that DHB context and culture – I felt like you got the challenges of the power dynamics.”

“Kirsty was fantastic, highly highly highly recommend.”

“It really has been a turning point for me in how to be the leader/manager I want to be, validating my learning and having someone as a resource or to give guidance through the trickier parts of my role.”

“I have become less people-pleasing, and more confident in my own management of situations, management and leadership style and although I remain collaborative in my approach to things, I am more confident in doing so, and standing by my decisions as a manager.”

“I have found the coaching a valuable tool to guide me on my career pathway and would recommend it highly to anyone that was offered this.”

“Coaching has supported me in developing confidence and guided me to make decisions about my career.”

Contact Kirsty to see how coaching can work for you. Coaching can be in person or online via Zoom as it suits you.