Please note that the recommendation from the Ministry of Health and psychology professional bodies is to continue with online appointments, if possible, regardless of which colour traffic light we are on. In Orange, however, you do have the option of face-to-face appointments. If you strongly prefer in-person appointments or are unable to have online appointments, please email me to arrange this.

Because I have a contract with ACC and see ACC clients, my office is currently categorised as a ‘designated premise’. This means that I cannot refuse people who choose to remain unvaccinated from coming to the office for appointments. Therefore, I may be seeing both vaccinated and unvaccinated clients in my office.

I will need to ask everyone about their vaccination status for planning purposes, but this will not affect the service you receive.

I can and will require people who are unvaccinated to please wear a mask for the entire appointment and I will wear a mask as well.

In case anyone is nervous about a possible higher risk of transmission given unvaccinated visitors in my office, I will be scheduling these appointments at the end of the day so there is an opportunity to air and clean as recommended.

I am fully vaccinated as mandated by the Ministry of Health.

If you have booked an in-person appointment, you will be sent a screening email the day before which you must respond please to so that I can confirm whether you can attend in person.

To book your first appointment (Initial Assessment):
To enquire about starting therapy please contact me via the Contacts page, email, text or phone, to check availability and discuss what you need.


To book a follow up Therapy Appointment use the link below.

In-Person Therapy Session

Video Call Therapy Session


To book a Supervision Session use the link below.

In-Person Supervision Session

Video Call Supervision Session

To book a Leadership Coaching Session use the link below.

In-Person Coaching Session

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