Consultation & Training

I am an experienced trainer and presenter with leadership, workforce, and learning and development experience. If you need a consultation or to find a solution to a workplace engagement or wellbeing issue, or want to provide training for staff, please contact me to discuss your options.


What people have said about Kirsty

“I have been working with Kirsty this year as I – along with some friends – have set up a Foundation to support members of our local community who are struggling with mental health challenges. Kirsty has been an invaluable resource for us as we seek to execute on two aims; 1. To build a wellness programme for our club members to gain awareness and knowledge of mental wellness and the types of challenges that they, or their friends and family, may be experiencing; and 2. To build an acute response system whereby we can channel our members who reach out to us for help into the paths of trained professionals. As someone completely new to this area it was been great for me to have the help and guidance of someone with Kirsty’s knowledge and experience. Kirsty has also designed and delivered a wellness series designed for our coaches and managers. The content was very relevant and delivered in an engaging and clear way. Thanks so much, Kirsty.” Robbie Tindall

“My team and I really appreciate your ability to get us to focus on what we knew and to see beyond was blurring or confusing our decision making.” Jackie Long, National Manager (Team Coaching)

“Kirsty is an established expert in mental health and in psychosis particularly. I have engaged and sought consult with Kirsty regarding new initiative and implementation and she has provided clear, reasoned and evidence informed feedback. Kirsty is also affirming and empowering in terms of her relational approach- and is able to bring alternatives and options into consideration not previously considered. I would certainly recommend Kirsty as part of consultation for any service innovation, evaluation or project, or professional coaching.” (Consultation)

“I have found this extremely helpful and will effect my future leadership.”

“I have found this very relevant to the issues I am having at work and this has given me a lot of tools to work with. Excellent and worth it for leaders in healthcare.” (Clinical Leadership in Healthcare workshop) 

“Kirsty is great. Knows her stuff. Worthwhile, comprehensive.” Dr Matthew Phillips, Neurologist.

“Awesome workshop . Well organised. Great content.” (Workplace Mental Health workshop)

“Thank you for an excellent workshop. I have lots of info to take away and I feel empowered to make a change.”

“Presenter was excellent as SME (subject matter expert) & facilitator. Resources and toolkits and links invaluable. Interactive.” Murray Julian, GM People, Safety & Culture.

“Kirsty your name and presentation came up time and again in the evaluation forms as one of the conference highlights for people.” Eleanor Baggott, Conference convener (Keynote: National early psychosis conference)

“Beautifully presented, well spoken, captivating and informative.”

“More time with this speaker would have been great.”

“It was hugely thought provoking and was much talked about not only throughout the two days but still going on now. Really fantastic work.” Gill Sewell, OD Manager (HR conference)

“Kirsty is absolutely amazing. I love listening to her share her wisdom and knowledge. It is great to know we have people like her involved in training for DHB staff.” (Psychosis training WDHB)

“Always love Kirsty’s contribution. Lively, animated, wonderful expertise and willingness to share knowledge.”

“The students loved your presentation, lots of great feedback from them at the next class. I’m glad that they were able to be exposed to different models and ways of understanding psychosis.” Dr Pikihuia Pomare, Kaupapa Maori Lecturer (Guest lecture: Massey University)

“The use of real life examples took the experience from conceptual to extremely relatable and useful.” (WDHB Finance Team)

“Down to earth nature of the training I would think made it real to all participants not only me. In its best meaning – clearly demonstrated competence of Kirsty in this field.”

“It is very engaging and timely to do while on lockdown.”